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Buildings Insurance Explained

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By Georgina Handy Marketing Executive In this week’s article I will be taking a more in depth look at buildings insurance, if you want to find out more about Home insurance, Landlords or contents insurance just refer back to one of our previous articles here: Home Insurance Landlords Insurance Contents Insurance  What Is Buildings Insurance? Buildings Insurance indemnifies the structure […]

Landlords Insurance Explained

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By Georgina Handy Marketing Executive Landlord Insurance has become more popular over the last few years, with more people deciding to invest their money in property, rather than in banks. It is now one of the most popular products that we sell here at Connect Insurance Brokers. Similar to Home Insurance, Landlords Insurance is relatively inexpensive and covers your investment. […]

Home Insurance Explained

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By Georgina Handy Marketing Executive The world of insurance is a complicated one as you can insure pretty much anything. In regards to a house you can insure that in a number of different ways which includes: Home insurance Landlords insurance Buildings only insurance Contents only insurance  I will also talk about what they will cover you against: Perils But […]

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GET A GRIP – driving in winter weather.

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By Ben Scott Marketing Manager We’re into February already, yet once again are at the mercy of wintry weather conditions. I’m sure many experienced drivers are already dismissive of the risks, and scoffing at the prospect of travelling in adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow or ice. For many however, the heightened risk of an accident, the potential […]

Having A No Claims Christmas

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By Ben Scott Marketing Manager All of us here at Connect are wishing you a claim-free Christmas. As the dark nights draw in earlier, and the weather becomes colder and wetter, the likelihood of a claim increases. Whether it’s due to poorer visibility, black ice, impatience or thieves – statistics show that claims occur much more frequently over the winter […]

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Drop Dead Costs

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By Bradley Wootton Marketing Trainee It is absolutely astounding how much a funeral costs these days. People all over the UK are grieving over their deceased loved ones, whilst having to fork out substantial money for funeral arrangements. The cost of a basic funeral has increased for the 14th consecutive year, now standing at a staggering £4,078; a 4.7% increase […]