Why Choose an Insurance Broker in 2019?

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By Georgina Handy
Marketing Executive

2019 marks a big year for us at Connect Insurance, as we are turning 30 years old and the industry of insurance has changed a lot since we began back in 1989.

The biggest shift that we have seen is that the majority of people have switched to arranging their insurance via the internet to gain free Meerkat’s or sing along with the man in the suit. However, apart from gaining a cuddly toy what else do you get with insuring online? Well personally, I believe not a lot. Here are a few points that I would like to draw attention to for consideration.

Expensive mistakes.

When you buy your policy online you don’t really speak to anyone, you fill out the quote form unsure if you’ve filled out everything correctly, purchase your policy and away you go. Whereas with an insurance broker you can call us up and have an actual conversation with another human who will go through each question with you to make sure you fully understand. You are able to interrupt the conversation at any moment should you wish for your personal adviser to explain something further.

One of the biggest issues that we see in the brokering world is people unsure of what a question is asking and putting down incorrect information unintentionally. These mistakes are often very problematic. When your insurance company finds out the information provided was incorrect, they may charge additional premiums to amend the policy, or in some cases they may void the policy entirely. In the event of a voided policy, often insurance companies will keep some/all of the return premium, and even refuse to pay out in the event of claim leaving the policyholder to resolve the expensive situation. The aforementioned scenario may also seriously affect any future insurance needs, as insurance companies often refuse to insure people who have previously had a policy voided.

Claims nightmares.

If you were unfortunate enough to be involved in a claim whether for car insurance, home insurance or another type of insurance, policies arranged online can be very problematic.  The biggest difference between online aggregators (like the meerkats) and actual insurance brokers (such as Connect) is the claims handling. And after all, the whole point of insurance is for protection in the event of a claim.

After you’ve given your payment details to your insurance company online, the level of service that you receive (if there was any to begin with) is practically non-existent. Phone calls are often a protracted and frustrating experience, taking forever to go through their automated services, and being stuck in confusing options menus. When you do finally navigate the automated system, you’re usually placed on hold for a considerable amount of time before finally getting to speak to someone.  The agent you speak to will often work in a huge call centre without a lot of insurance knowledge, simply reading from a script. I can almost guarantee you will never get to speak to them again if you do need to ring for a follow up, so there isn’t much point making a note of their name.

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So what is the alternative?

Connect Insurance are a family run broker, with a strong work force who have a extensive understanding of the insurance industry. Remember that personal adviser I mentioned? With ourselves, if you do ring up because you’ve had a claim the likelihood is that you can talk to the same person you’ve dealt with previously. They can talk you through the claim process, put you at ease and get the wheels in motion to resolve the claim on your behalf.

Over the duration of your policy, you will become familiar with the team here, and with each interaction we will strive to surpass your expectations and strengthen our business relationship. This is the benefit of choosing an insurance broker; we are people too. And we are here to simplify the insurance process, provide information where needed and reduce the hassle for our customers.

We are also one of the few brokers around that still have a public office which you can pop in to and discuss your policy with us in person. You would never get that level of service with an online aggregator. We are here, very real and tangible. With online insurance policies you also run the risk of being targeted by ghost brokers, criminals committing selling fraudulent insurance policies. Without a physical office that you can attend, how can you trace a fraudster who sells you fake insurance, especially if they block your number?

“Be wary of ghost brokers using only mobile phone or email as a way of contact. Ghost brokers have even been reported using messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Snapchat and Facebook. Fraudsters don’t want to be traced after they’ve taken your money.” – [City of London Police]

Choose an insurance broker to ensure you get the best insurance policy. Here at Connect we have a wide range of insurance policies for you and we don’t just insure local people we can insure anyone in the UK. We have a wide panel of insurance companies including big names like AXA and LV. Connect Insurance Brokers are always here to help you save on your insurance so don’t delay fill out one of quotes forms or call us direct on 01782 280280.