Connect Charity Contributions 2023

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By Ben Scott
IT Manager

Here at Connect, we believe in being charitable and helping those less fortunate than ourselves. 2023 continues to be another difficult year for many families, especially with the ongoing Cost of Living Crisis, and Energy Crisis. Now, more than ever before, we must show compassion, understanding, love, and support for one another.

Our fundraising efforts this year have included:

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The Donkey Sanctuary

In January we sponsored Tiny Tim of The Donkey Sanctuary for £36.


Alzheimers Research UK

In February we donated £70 toward a 28-mile walk for Alzheimers Research UK.


British Red Cross

For March we donated £120 toward the Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal.


Global Brigades

For April we are sponsoring Global Brigades in providing legal aid to refugees in Greece.