Recent Events

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By Ben Scott
IT Manager

It is almost summer already, and yet it feels like just yesterday that we were setting goals and mapping out our strategies for this year. This swift passage of time has served as a constant reminder of the ever-evolving nature of our industry with it’s challenges, expanding regulation, emerging technologies, and shifting market trends that demand our unwavering attention and adaptability at all times.

Beyond focusing on our ongoing Covid recovery amid a financial crisis, we have been championing diversity and inclusion, safeguarding vulnerable and neurodivergent customers, promoting our ambitious ESG goals, raising money for various charities, implementing the forthcoming Consumer Duty regulation, investing in necessary technology and innovative security solutions to satisfy our lofty data security goals, and seeking to introduce new insurance solutions for our customers.

Perhaps time seems to be passing so quickly precisely because we are so busy spinning plates!

Working to deliver a smooth Consumer Duty implementation with the help of Create Solutions.
Promoting our latest taxi scheme to the drivers of Taxi Alliance at an exclusive event in April this year.
At BIBA 2023 networking and strengthening business relationships with our vendors and strategic partners.

It has only been 5 short months, and yet it seems like so much has been achieved and experienced. We will continue to forge ahead with optimism, eager to see what more success this year has to offer.