Tradewise Cease Trading

All Tradewise policies remain valid and in force. Your insurance policy has involvement from many companies. The most important of these is the company that covers the cost of claims. If the company that pays for any claims ceases trading, then your insurance policy would need to be cancelled. This is not the case with Tradewise as they are only […]

Green Card Update

By Ben Scott IT Manager Previously we had notified clients that as a result of Brexit, it was like that Green Card documents would be mandatory when using your vehicle in the EU or beyond after January 1st 2021. Since the UK are part of the Green Card Free Circulation Area (GCFCA), we are pleased to confirm that you will […]

Whiplash Claim Reforms

By Ben Scott IT Manager As a result of the Civil Liabilites Act 2018, there are significant changes to whiplash claims that could seriously affect any injured claimant from May 31st 2021. So, what’s changing? Whilst avoiding as much technical jargon as possible, let’s take a look at what specific changes are being introduced, and how these could affect claimants. […]

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Connecting This Christmas

By Ben Scott IT Manager 2020 has been a very difficult time in all walks of life. Unfortunately it will not be a year we will quickly forget, even if part of us wishes that we could. Here at Connect Insurance, we have navigated the economic armageddon diligently, all whilst protecting our customers and staff from the ongoing pandemic, and […]

Driving Abroad after Brexit

By Ben Scott IT Manager Previously we have given our clients a forewarning regarding the predictable impacts that Brexit will have on driving vehicles outside of the UK. As it currently stands, with effect from January 1st 2021, it will become mandatory for UK policyholders to carry a Green Card document if they are using their vehicle in the EU […]

Covid-19 Live Updates

By Ben Scott IT Manager UPDATED: August 2nd 2021 × Dismiss alert Lockdown Lifted The 3rd (and hopefully final) Lockdown was lifted with effect from July 19th 2021. Connect remain optimistic that in due course trade will recover, and both ourselves, and our customers can return to pre-lockdown levels of economic activity. In the interim we remain as flexible and […]

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Pandemic Weekly Update #8

A big day is approaching, possibly the best Monday so far this year… yeah, that’s right, even better than the Bank Holiday’s have been! Monday the 15th of June; the day when non-essential retail can reopen (note: when barbers and pubs reopen, that will probably overtake this as the best Monday). No doubt a lot of people have plans to […]

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Pandemic Weekly Update #7

The country is beginning to come back alive, well, sort of. It’s not like a majestic phoenix emerging from flames… it’s more like a disorientated parent sitting reluctantly on the edge of their bed bleary eyed at 5:34am for the 87th day in a row, as their child wakes them up for another fun day of staying in the house. […]

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Pandemic Weekly Update #6

You better find the time to binge those TV shows you’re currently watching, put the finishing touches on those DIY projects, and get ready to draw a line under those home renovations. The next major step towards normality is incoming, and it’s not far off based on the latest advice. Assuming that adequate safety measures are in place to protect […]

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Pandemic Weekly Update #5

Bored of Netflix yet? Another week, another COVID-19 update; it’s still here, and so are Connect. We continue making our way down the tunnel toward the light, the better days ahead where we can all hug each other and not have to wash our hands 486 times a day until our skin is flaking off and sore. It looks as […]