Pandemic Weekly Update #5

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Bored of Netflix yet?

Another week, another COVID-19 update; it’s still here, and so are Connect.

We continue making our way down the tunnel toward the light, the better days ahead where we can all hug each other and not have to wash our hands 486 times a day until our skin is flaking off and sore. It looks as though the economy may continue it’s return to normality with the intended phased reopening of schools approaching on June 1st; once the kids are back safely in education, the rest of the workforce can safely begin getting back to their jobs. Life can begin getting back to normal. Well. As normal as possible at least.

Most of you have no doubt already redecorated your entire home, landscaped your whole garden, and probably even cut your own hair… well, at least tried too. Some of you are now qualified bakers, carpenters and musicians. You’ve finished writing that novel. Completed that painting. Recorded your groundbreaking music album. The boredom is that bad, you’ve even set up a Tik-Tok account much to the horror of your children.

Here at Connect we’re seeing a gradual increase in business as bored locked down entrepreneurs try their hand at selling cars, undertaking fast food deliveries or even launching new online enterprises and shops. If you do decide to invest your time and energy into a new business venture whilst waiting for lockdown to end, Connect can assist you with any insurance requirements so give us a call.

Should you need any assistance with your existing cover, we are still here working hard to deliver our usual level of customer service and support. Whether your renewal is due, you need to make a claim or it’s a new insurance policy you require… we’re key workers here, and we’re just a call away.

If you do need to speak to us, be sure to refer to the revised contact numbers below before dialing.

01782 665544 or the number noted in your Insurers policy book.
Taxi :01782 200 770
Via our Live Webchat feature at:
We accept documents sent to us via WhatsApp on 07563 033 070.
Please note we are unable to reply via WhatsApp.

We remain committed to the health and well being of both our customers and employees, and will continue to adapt our business model to work in accordance with the latest available Government advice.

Thank you for your ongoing support during this period of uncertainty.

Keep Calm, (Keep Safe) and Carry On.

Connect Insurance Brokers Ltd

I tried to go to the locksmiths the other day to get a key cut.
It was closed due to Coronavirus. Apparently they aren’t key workers.