Pandemic Weekly Update #6

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You better find the time to binge those TV shows you’re currently watching, put the finishing touches on those DIY projects, and get ready to draw a line under those home renovations. The next major step towards normality is incoming, and it’s not far off based on the latest advice.

Assuming that adequate safety measures are in place to protect us from the virus, all outdoor markets and car showrooms can reopen after this weekend on June 1st. Debate continues between the Government and the National Education Union as schools prepare to reopen their doors to Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils as the phased reopening begins from Monday. Whether or not parents will send their children back remains to be seen; after ten weeks of isolation however, I’m sure some of them cannot wait for a break from their ‘quaroutine’.

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Looking ahead, in a fortnight we should also expect to see some Year 10 and Year 12 students returning to schools for exam preparation. Coinciding with this is the reopening of all other non-essential retail stores; that includes clothes stores, shoes, furniture, electronics, books, toys, auction houses, photography studios and indoor markets opening their doors for the first time since March. That means you’ll be able to spend those furlough payments on something beside alcohol and takeaways for a change.

Before you rush out to spend all your money on the latest summer outfits and gadgets, bare in mind that from July 1st airlines are intending to ramp up their overseas flights. Destinations including Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy will be serviced, offering some hope that perhaps we could still get to have a holiday this year that isn’t an overcrowded British beach.

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Should you need any assistance with your existing cover, we are still here working hard to deliver our usual level of customer service and support. Whether your renewal is due, you need to make a claim or it’s a new insurance policy you require… we’re key workers here, and we’re just a call away.

If you do need to speak to us, be sure to refer to the revised contact numbers below before dialing.

01782 665544 or the number noted in your Insurers policy book.
Taxi :01782 200 770
Personal & Commercial Insurance:01782 200 775
Motor Trade:01782 200 771
Personal & Commercial
Via our Live Webchat feature at:
We accept documents sent to us via WhatsApp on 07563 033 070.
Please note we are unable to reply via WhatsApp.

We remain committed to the health and well being of both our customers and employees, and will continue to adapt our business model to work in accordance with the latest available Government advice.

Thank you for your ongoing support during this period of uncertainty.

Keep Calm, (Keep Safe) and Carry On.

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