Green Card Update

By Ben Scott IT Manager Previously we had notified clients that as a result of Brexit, it was like that Green Card documents would be mandatory when using your vehicle in the EU or beyond after January 1st 2021. Since the UK are part of the Green Card Free Circulation Area (GCFCA), we are pleased to confirm that you will […]

Whiplash Claim Reforms

By Ben Scott IT Manager As a result of the Civil Liabilites Act 2018, there are significant changes to whiplash claims that could seriously affect any injured claimant from May 31st 2021. So, what’s changing? Whilst avoiding as much technical jargon as possible, let’s take a look at what specific changes are being introduced, and how these could affect claimants. […]

Driving Abroad after Brexit

By Ben Scott IT Manager Previously we have given our clients a forewarning regarding the predictable impacts that Brexit will have on driving vehicles outside of the UK. As it currently stands, with effect from January 1st 2021, it will become mandatory for UK policyholders to carry a Green Card document if they are using their vehicle in the EU […]

The picture is taken from ground level, looking up across a multistory car park; orange pillars support the ceiling, and a range of different vehicles occupy the parking bays.

Parking Fine Pains

By Bradley Wootton Marketing Trainee Un-Fee-Lievable Parking fines are as ever, a high priority for British motorists. It seems there is always a parking attendant on the prowl, or a CCTV camera taking notes on your comings and goings. Every time you park your vehicle in a public area, you are constantly fearful that you may be inadvertently parking somewhere […]

A sepia photo of a street at night time. There is a large gothic architectural building at the side of the road, and motion blurred traffic suggesting high speed vehicles.

The Real Cost of Speeding

By Ben Scott Marketing Manager You are in a hurry since you’re running late. The road is clear, not another vehicle in sight. It won’t hurt to go just over the speed limit, after all, there are no speed cameras down this road. It’ll be fine. You are in a hurry. Nobody will even know.  Figures released by the Department […]

Why Your Insurance Is Rising?

By Lewis Kemp Marketing Trainee With the bank holiday just around the corner, we take a minute to reflect upon the real reasons why your insurance is rising. According to recent industry research, one insurance scam takes place every single minute in the UK alone! While figures show that staged “crash for cash” accidents are on the decline, it is […]

Rules Of The Road

Rules Of The Road Do You Know Them?

By Lewis Kemp Marketing Trainee Since passing your driving test when is the last time you read an up to date copy of the Highway Code? Research suggests over three-quarters of UK drivers never read the Highway Code after passing their test. Are you up to date with the Rules Of The Road? The Highway Code taken alone isn’t law […]