Holographic Passengers, Invisible Caravans, and Flying Cars.

By Ben Scott Marketing Manager We have undoubtedly come a long way since the first gasoline powered car was unveiled back in 1885 by German inventor Karl Benz. Many would consider Benz the pioneer of modern day automobile transport, however that could soon change. Let us shift our focus instead to Robert Anderson, a Scottish inventor who invented the first ever […]

road full of potholes

The UK’s Pothole Crisis

By Lewis Kemp Marketing Trainee As the weekend approaches and we are all starting to make plans let’s take a minute to reflect on the current state of the UK’s roads. Currently, potholes are costing UK drivers £1.7 billion a year! Alignment, bodywork damage, excessive tire wear and steering rack replacements. Potholes affect over 10.5 million drivers per year yet […]

young couple driving down the road on a sunny day

Summer Driving Increases Accidents

By Lewis Kemp Marketing Trainee Summer is truly upon us with the World Cup thoroughly underway and mighty England grabbing their first win! But what does summer mean for summer driving? According to recent studies, June is the most problematic month for drivers as it brings a spike in insurance premiums. After analysis of its telematics devices a major insure […]

High Pollen Can Equal High Fines

By Georgina Bailey Marketing Executive Motorists are being warned of the dangers of taking hay fever medications as the UK is hit with a high pollen alert. If you take hay fever tablets the side effects can affect your vision, hearing and reaction times, if you happened to be taking the tablets and ended up in a collision you could end […]

Government Must Crack Down On Pollution

By Josh Brian Marketing Apprentice Motorists in the most polluted areas of the UK could now be charged for driving into town centres after a judge ordered the Environment Secretary to take more serious action to clean up the air pollution. The government has lost its third High Court defeat in three years against environmental Secretary Client Earth. They have been told that there plans to […]

A very large pothole with a pool of dirty water inside it, deep in the surface of a road.

More Funding Needed For Local Roads

By Georgina Bailey Marketing Executive The Local Government Association (LGA), who represent 349 English councils, want the Government to spend more money on England’s local roads when it was relieved that motorways and major truck roads receive 52 times more central funding per mile. The Association wants the Government to decrease the inequality so its members can tackle the £12 billion bill to repair local roads […]

electric car charging point

France To Scrap Diesel/ Petrol Cars By 2040

By Georgina Bailey Marketing Executive France’s government have announced they they are going to end the sales of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040. They have decided to do this as part of their plan to meet its targets under the Paris climate accord, the Ecology Minster Nicolas Hunt recognised that the target would be “tough to reach” specifically for the automakers. This comes after Swedish car maker Volvo known for their diesel […]