white bmw car travelling down a sunny road which is blurred in the distance

Are Diesel Cars Dying Out?

By Georgina Bailey Marketing Executive The amount of petrol cars being bought is increasing at a faster rate than diesel cars according to British car dealers with a noticeable spike in interest over the past few weeks. Some trade experts say there is evidence that the number of diesel cars being part exchanged for more environmentally friendly alternatives. So why are diesels becoming less popular? Diesel […]

A very large pothole with a pool of dirty water inside it, deep in the surface of a road.

The Pothole Nightmare

By Georgina Bailey Marketing Executive Potholes have always been a common problem for motorist but now it seems to be getting worse as councils cannot seem to keep on top of the amount appearing on our roads, meaning that it can go weeks or months before some potholes are even repaired. Potholes are caused when waters seeps in through the […]

person fuelling car with diesel

Diesel Scrappage Scheme

By Josh Brian Marketing Apprentice Plans are being drawn up to introduce a scrappage scheme for diesel cars, in order to reduce emissions and improve the air quality across the UK. The Department for Transport and Defra (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) are working on a scheme to offer cashback or a discount on-low emission vehicle if drivers […]

Farewell St. Jude! #UKStorm2013

By Ben Scott Marketing Manager As the South of England is still recovering from the full devastation of the St Jude Storm, we take a moment to acknowledge the full extent of what has happened this morning. Statistics have been analysed and compared to provide the following details: 1) The highest #windspeed recorded was 99mph at Needles Old Battery, Isle of Wight. On […]