Are Diesel Cars Dying Out?

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By Georgina Bailey
Marketing Executive

The amount of petrol cars being bought is increasing at a faster rate than diesel cars according to British car dealers with a noticeable spike in interest over the past few weeks. Some trade experts say there is evidence that the number of diesel cars being part exchanged for more environmentally friendly alternatives. So why are diesels becoming less popular?

Diesel cars have long been preferred by the majority of motorists, thanks to their superior fuel economy and less tax. But new diesel cars no longer benefit from low car tax, residual values set to decrease and there are concerns over air pollution from diesels.

There is always a lot of negativity in the press and the government surrounding diesel. Diesel cars are known to be harmful to the environment with some experts saying that a modern diesel car will produce 10 times more toxic air pollution than heavy trucks and buses. A lot of people are passionate about protecting the environment and with all the global warming worries; this could sway people from purchasing a diesel. Scrappage schemes for diesel cars could be introduced as part of plans to lower emissions and improve air quality across the country. For more information on Diesel Scrappage Schemes please see our article. All these factors are likely to result in a gradual shift away from diesel vehicles.

Recent statistics also show that petrol cars are more likely to retain their value after a few years. The average retained value of a car running on petrol now stands at 55.3%, while for diesel, it’s 49.5%. Just one year ago, it was 52.9% for petrol and 51.1% for diesel. The value of diesel cars seems to be declining but the real question is, will the trend continue and will owners of diesel cars be in line for further losses?

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