Holographic Passengers, Invisible Caravans, and Flying Cars.

By Ben Scott Marketing Manager We have undoubtedly come a long way since the first gasoline powered car was unveiled back in 1885 by German inventor Karl Benz. Many would consider Benz the pioneer of modern day automobile transport, however that could soon change. Let us shift our focus instead to Robert Anderson, a Scottish inventor who invented the first ever […]

Electric Cars The Future?

By Lewis Kemp Marketing Trainee With technology constantly evolving and the prices of fuel rising rapidly, is it possible that electric cars are the future? In 2017 more than 750,000 electric cars were sold, as people are becoming more environmentally conscious, major motor manufactures are making big changes such as Volvo who have said that from 2019 every one of […]

dash cam hanging from car windscreen

Should Dash Cams Be Compulsory?

By Lewis Kemp Marketing Trainee Dash cams are becoming more and more popular as they provide solid proof of an event, it is now common practice for police to appeal for dash cam footage after an accident to help determine the cause. It is estimated that there are around 840,000 dash cams (including helmet mounted cameras) on the roads in […]

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How New Car Tech Will Change Driving

By Lewis Kemp Marketing Trainee The automobile industry is a great example of an industry which pushes the development of technology to its boundaries. Recently there have been a lot of new advances which affect how we use our vehicles every day; we’ll highlight a few of them below. 1. Automation We kick-start this list with a more obvious one, […]

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Insurance Predicts The World Cup Winners

By Ben Scott Marketing Manager “IT’S COMING HOME, IT’S COMING HOME, IT’S COMING! FOOTBALL’S COMING HOME!” Yesterday saw the opening ceremony of the World Cup 2018, where the hosts Russia absolutely spanked Saudi Arabia 5-0. And it can mean only one thing. It’s that time again where arbitrary patriotism emerges for the duration of England’s involvement in the World Cup. […]

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Yes, You Should Have Cyber Insurance

By Ben Scott Marketing Manager Like most emerging insurance products, Cyber Insurance initially struggled to gain traction in a marketplace that undervalued it’s importance, but studies now show an incredible 30% annual growth in uptake. If you operate a business and don’t have Cyber Insurance yet, it may be time to consider investing before it is too late. It isn’t […]

No Paradise By The Dashboard Lights

By Ben Scott Marketing Manager Meat Loaf may have found Paradise By The Dashboard Lights, but where most drivers are concerned, all they find is confusion and headaches. If you are one of the motorists confused by your dashboard symbols, you are not alone. When it comes to misinterpreting dashboard symbols it appears to be a widespread problem with a recent […]


How Technology is Changing Driving

By Ben Scott Marketing Manager Technology has a way of changing everything. Things that were once cumbersome, frustrating or tedious are now becoming automated and more efficient. Robots are replacing human workers, our mobile phones now incorporate an assortment of features that once required separate accessories such as calculators, cameras and laptops; even the process of making a payment has […]