How New Car Tech Will Change Driving

car windscreen
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By Lewis Kemp
Marketing Trainee

The automobile industry is a great example of an industry which pushes the development of technology to its boundaries.

Recently there have been a lot of new advances which affect how we use our vehicles every day; we’ll highlight a few of them below.

1. Automation
We kick-start this list with a more obvious one, we are said to be approximately 5 years away from cars being able to drive completely unaided. It is believed that by 2020 cars will be able to take over in certain situations e.g. Motorways and rural areas.

2. Biometric Access
We have all noticed the changes away from traditional keys to fobs or keyless entry over the past few years , this is because patents have been put into place to allow access via finger print which works in the same way as your smartphone.

3. Automatic Braking
This is something that is being slowly introduced and will only occur as a fall back for if the driver’s brakes fail, this is possible due to the increase in sensor technology.

4. Health Monitoring
There has been recent progress made where your seatbelt and steering wheel will monitor your vitals which could potentially stop the car in the event of a heart attack.

5. Car Airbags
Mercedes are currently developing a form of air bag which will deploy on the outside of the car which will double stopping time and will raise the car to counter the cars dipping motion during braking.

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