UK Driving Test Myths & Mistakes

driving test
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By Lewis Kemp
Marketing Trainee

Over the years there have been many bizarre tales about driving tests and lessons if you have learned to drive or are currently learning you’ve most likely heard them all! Today we will find out if there is any truth to these myths and common mistakes.

  1. The test is fixed; they can only pass so many people a day.
    This is one I’m sure we’ve all heard! This is, in fact, untrue, there is no such thing as a pass quota, if you’re good enough you pass if not you fail, and this phrase is often used as a scapegoat for people who aren’t ready to pass.
  2. If you cross your hands on the wheel or stall then you fail instantly.
    No, you don’t. Crossing your hands isn’t even a marked point on the test. Stalling will on fail you if it occurs while you are pulling out onto a major junction or stall repeatedly.
  3. You can fail on the show me tell me question.
    This is frequently asked by learners, you cannot fail for not answering or answering incorrectly you will just receive a minor fault.
  4. Taking the test in your own car.
    This might seem like a good idea as you’ll be driving it once you pass, but in fact, it isn’t. Your car will not have a dual braking system like all learner cars so the examiner cannot intervene if needed.
  5. Setting the mirror slightly ‘off’ so the examiner can see you move your head to check the mirror. 
    Examiners are trained to notice the small eye movements you make when checking the mirrors, having to move your whole head can take your focus off what is ahead.
  6. Delaying learning to drive until your older.
    It is proven that younger candidates outperform more senior candidates; younger candidates are often more committed to lessons as they have very few other commitments compared to more senior candidates.

Have you ever failed your driving test? Do you agree with these myths and mistakes? Do you know of any driving test myths? Be sure to head over to social media and let us know @connect_insure on Twitter and @cibltd on Facebook.