Rules Of The Road Do You Know Them?

Rules Of The Road
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By Lewis Kemp
Marketing Trainee

Since passing your driving test when is the last time you read an up to date copy of the Highway Code? Research suggests over three-quarters of UK drivers never read the Highway Code after passing their test. Are you up to date with the Rules Of The Road?

The Highway Code taken alone isn’t law but many of its instructions are backed up by the law and have legal consequences behind them, failure to comply with these rules can cause you to be fined, prosecuted or disqualified!

Here are some commonly misunderstood rules:

1. Don’t park or wait on yellow zig zags.
These are commonly found outside; schools, hospitals, fire stations or police stations. You will not be issued a penalty charge notice unless the lines are accompanied by a sign which informs you of the restriction.

2. Always let out buses.
The code tells us to give priority to buses this isn’t a legal requirement and buses must wait for a gap in traffic just like the rest of us. Although driving in a bus lane is a different story, if you enter a bus lane during a time where it is in operation you can be fined up to £70.

3. Avoid undertaking.
Although there is actually no law against undertaking, the act can count as an offence under careless or dangerous driving.

4. Never hog the middle lane.
This is one of the biggest ‘bugbears’ among drivers, the code states that you should return to the left-hand lane as soon as you safely pass. New laws introduced in 2013 now give police officers the power to hand out a £100 fine and three points for middle lane hogging.

5. Avoid in-car distractions.
We are all now aware that using your mobile phone while driving is illegal but the Highway Code also tell us to ‘avoid’ other distractions such as; loud music, messing with the radio, eating and smoking.

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