Driving Abroad after Brexit

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By Ben Scott
IT Manager

Previously we have given our clients a forewarning regarding the predictable impacts that Brexit will have on driving vehicles outside of the UK. As it currently stands, with effect from January 1st 2021, it will become mandatory for UK policyholders to carry a Green Card document if they are using their vehicle in the EU or beyond.

Please remain conscious that we will require reasonable time to process a Green Card request ahead of the departure date. There may also be a policy charge relating to the issuance of a Green Card.

In order to process a Green Card request, we would require some relevant information.

• The dates that you will leave and return to the UK.
• A record of all the countries that you will be travelling to/through.
• The make, model and registration number of the vehicle(s) being used.
• The make and serial number of any trailer(s) being taken.
• The information of the driver(s) of the vehicle(s) being used.

Additionally when travelling abroad after January 1st 2021 there may also be additional considerations you should be aware of.

GOV: Visiting Europe after Brexit