Connecting This Christmas

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By Ben Scott
IT Manager

2020 has been a very difficult time in all walks of life. Unfortunately it will not be a year we will quickly forget, even if part of us wishes that we could.

Here at Connect Insurance, we have navigated the economic armageddon diligently, all whilst protecting our customers and staff from the ongoing pandemic, and still managing to deliver first class service. We are proud to be key-workers, and grateful for our clients continued custom during this unprecedented time.

Our social media accounts and digital profiles have been neglected this year, as the only relevant conversation centered around that infamous “C” word. Covid. Or was it Coronavirus? We ran a series of weekly update articles about the pandemic ourselves that can be accessed from the archives, and we continue to provide live updates on our dedicated Covid-19 page. Aside from these update posts, we’ve largely stayed quiet, all whilst focusing purely on providing the best support possible for our customers enduring the stresses of job losses, bereavements and financial difficulties. Our staff have been impacted too; from furlough and reduced wages, to isolation and quarantines, adjusting to social distancing, hands/face/space, illnesses, no holidays or vacations, and of course some of those people that we know and love receiving positive PCR tests…

It has been a long, exhausting year; we are very tired, but we are still here.

Christmas is a time to relax and celebrate; a time to spend with friends and family with peace and happiness (and too much food!). 
However fear not, we are still open throughout Christmas and here are our opening hours for the Christmas period:

 Some days our hours will be shorter than others so be sure to give us a call or visit during the times specified above to avoid disappointment. We want to make sure you get the insurance you want at the right time, whilst also making sure you have a great Christmas with no worries on your mind.

But most of all, from the team at Connect Insurance, we hope you all have an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year… and I am sure you will join me in praying that 2021 is better than 2020 has been!

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