Festive Opening Hours 2023

By Ben Scott IT Manager Already we are moving into December and preparing to welcome in 2024. Another year of post-pandemic recovery is almost over, although the insurance market still remains hard thanks to the ongoing economic crisis, supply chain issues impacted by global conflicts, and weather related claims adding pressure to reinsurance costs. Despite the negative market conditions, Connect […]

Festive Opening Hours 2022

By Ben Scott IT Manager Another year has flown by as we prepare to welcome in 2023. It has been a whirlwind twelve months of recovery and growth as we continue to find our footing in the post-pandemic landscape. Connect remain grateful for the fantastic solidarity and successes we have celebrated with our colleagues, partners and friends over the last […]

Festive Opening Hours 2021

By Ben Scott IT Manager Another year draws to a close already as we prepare to usher in 2022. It has been another twelve months of uncertainty and restrictions, but Connect Insurance are resilient and committed to navigating these stressful times with patience and compassion. We remain ever grateful for the fantastic solidarity and unexpected successes we have managed to celebrate […]

A bowl of popcorn, and a mug of coffee wearing a festive knitted cosy, sit in the foreground upon a tartan blanket, whilst a fireplace is out of focus blazing in the background,

Connecting This Christmas

By Ben Scott IT Manager 2020 has been a very difficult time in all walks of life. Unfortunately it will not be a year we will quickly forget, even if part of us wishes that we could. Here at Connect Insurance, we have navigated the economic armageddon diligently, all whilst protecting our customers and staff from the ongoing pandemic, and […]

Christmas Time!

By Sophie Brown Digital Marketing Apprentice Our staff have worked hard throughout the year, maintaining our business and helping every customer with their policies! We’ve tackled renewals, cancellations and questions asked by new individuals and have made sure that our first class service has exceeded expectations and all quotations made by our customers have been successfully processed, leading to great […]

May Day 2019

By Georgina Handy Marketing Executive We hope you enjoy another long weekend and that the weather is as nice as the Easter break was. If you want to know more why we celebrate May day take a look back at our previous blog article: Why We Celebrate May Day Whatever you get up to over the extended weekend we hope […]

Easter Opening Hours 2019

By Georgina Handy Marketing Executive Over the Easter period, we will be closing for Bank Holidays as usual. The Easter Opening Hours can be found above. We hope all of our customers, partners and staff have a wonderful time off and we will be back and ready to help you on Tuesday 23rd of April. However our claims line is […]

Hard Brexit & Green Cards

By Ben Scott Marketing Manager With all the hullabaloo emanating from the Brexit negotiations, you may have caught wind of the repeated mentions of how a “hard” departure would massively disrupt our lives. From immediate recession, rampant unemployment, surges in immigration, planes being grounded, shops running out of food, hospitals having no medical supplies… and many other equally outlandish claims. […]

1989 – 2019 | 30 Years of Excellence

By Ben Scott Marketing Manager Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019. Where did 2018 disappear too? Last year seemed to absolutely fly by, right? Well I guess they do say that time seems to pass faster the older you get and here at Connect Insurance, we’re getting older. Celebrating 30 Years of Success Connect Insurance initially started out as a […]