Don’t be Scared on the Roads this Halloween

By Sophie Brown
Marketing Apprentice

We all know that October is counted as the scariest month of the year, so with Halloween looming round the corner here are some tricks and tips on how to not be scared on the road this October. 

Think safety first! Try avoiding some aggressive tendencies that you might have whilst driving on the road as it will help you cope with the other bad drivers to which then you will be prepared for what you might be faced with. This one is a no brainer, wear you seat belt! If that doesn’t shout safety I don’t know what does. Always make sure to wear your seat belt even if it’s just a pop round the corner to the shop, even a small distance can cause a massive crash.

Being aware of what’s around you and paying attention to the roads will also reduce your anxiety when going for a drive. Making sure you know what’s in the vicinity will help you prepare your next actions whilst driving. Checking your mirrors frequently, especially your blind spots, will help you cover all ground when manoeuvring your vehicle. Blind spots are very important for when you are reversing because you have to check over your shoulder and behind you to make sure that there are no pedestrians or cyclists or anyone behind you that if you were to back into them would cause damage.

Don’t depend on other drivers! You can’t go assuming that all drivers will be driving like you and making sure to stay safe because that isn’t true. There will be dangerous drivers out there that you need to anticipate. Take into consideration that they may drive through red lights, cut corners, not stay in their lane because if you don’t prepare for these things and drive carefully then crashes could happen. Plan your movements and drive responsibly.

Follow the 5 second rule! Keeping to this rule will prevent further collisions. If all of a sudden the car in front of you decides to stop dramatically and you are right up close to the rear of the car, then you are going to go into the back of it. Keeping a respectable distance can prevent this from happening.

Whilst also keeping to the 5 second rule, keep your speed down! Speed limits are there for a reason and apply to the conditions at which you are driving. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your speed is meeting the expectations of the limit in whatever area you are driving in, plus the higher the speed the less likely you’ll be able to control your vehicle which again could lead to a crash.

When driving you can be open to many risks, so make sure you separate them. Trying to tackle multiple risks at once could result in you becoming panicked which means you aren’t concentrating on what you are doing which could put you and others in danger which is not what you want. Separating the risks and taking them on one at a time will keep you calm and prevent anything bad happening.

Finally cut out distractions! Don’t put yourself in a risky situation that could create danger for others. When driving make sure that all distractions like phones or objects that could move about are put out of reach and into a safe place where they won’t cause any nuisance for you and your driving. You want to keep your eyes on the road at all times.

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