Hey, you’re a superstar!

By Georgina Handy Marketing Executive We have received a lovely letter from our good friends and The Donna Louise Hospice congratulating us on raising £5000 this past year for them. To us at here Connect we don’t need recognition for raising money for this amazing charity because we love to do it, in order to help the children and young […]

A graveyard with many various headstones stretches out in the foreground, beneath a hazy sunlit sky beside the sea.

Drop Dead Costs

By Bradley Wootton Marketing Trainee It is absolutely astounding how much a funeral costs these days. People all over the UK are grieving over their deceased loved ones, whilst having to fork out substantial money for funeral arrangements. The cost of a basic funeral has increased for the 14th consecutive year, now standing at a staggering £4,078; a 4.7% increase […]

Pray For Brussels

By Ben Scott Marketing Manager Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the tragedies in Brussels today. Connect Insurance mourn today for the senseless loss of life in Brussels, and for the families of those involved. Terrorist explosions have rocked the country with blasts reported at both Zaventem Airport and the Maalbeek Metro station with ongoing fears that […]