Insurance Tax Punishes Honest Drivers

By Ben Scott Marketing Manager We live in the age where the Government seemingly finds taxes, levies and duties for everything we do, own or purchase. There are around 25 different UK taxes that affect our economy, although most people will likely be unaware of most of these as they are incorporated into the advertised costs and bills that we […]

A long curving motorway cutting across countryside, lined with hills and trees. Large hills loom across the horizon.

Tips For Surviving A Long Drive

By Lewis Kemp Marketing Trainee We all know how daunting a long drive can be, especially if you have to keep young children entertained or have pets. If you are planning on taking a long road trip then you need to plan in advance 60% of drivers say they’ve gotten “Highway Hypnosis” which means they have driven while drowsy.  With […]

A mechanic in blue overalls looking into the engine of a vehicle.

Simple Pre MOT Checks to Help Pass

By Lewis Kemp Marketing Trainee MOT’s can be a scary experience for us all, studies show that carrying out regular checks and basic DIY could prevent 15 million MOT failures every year. Currently, the national MOT failure rate is 39.52% which is very high and could be halved if we all carried out regular checks. As cars become more advanced […]

Motorway Essential Driving Tips

By Lewis Kemp Marketing Trainee Driving on the motorway for the first time can be pretty daunting, especially if you have never been on one before like most new drivers. This will improve as it is now mandatory to go on the motorway as part of your learning, but for those recently passed and those who do not use motorways […]

Top 20 Cheapest Cars To Insure

By Lewis Kemp Marketing Trainee Purchasing a car is a big decision so today we have compiled a list of the cheapest cars to insure. Insurance plays a huge part in choosing a car as we don’t want to purchase a vehicle and then find out the insurance costs are through the roof! Make sure to check the car insurance […]

Wet Weather Driving Tips

By Lewis Kemp Marketing Trainee As the winter dawns upon us and the weather seems to get worse and worse it is important to take a few things into consideration when driving in wet weather. Today we will share our top tips on how to keep safe when driving in harsh conditions. Here are our top tips to keep you […]

Rows of vehicles line the image with the boots in view either side.

Top 5 Factors That Influence Car Buyers

By Lewis Kemp Marketing Trainee When we are looking for a new car there are many factors that influence car buyers we need to consider, researchers asked 2000 members of the British Public what they considered to be the most important factor that influences car buyers when purchasing a vehicle and found that; fuel type, road tax and manufacturer are […]

How to Protect Your Parked Car

By Lewis Kemp Marketing Trainee With dark nights fast approaching, cars carry a high risk of being broken into or damaged which can turn out to be very costly! Today we will discuss the best ways to protect your car, whether it is parked outside your home, in a garage or even at a shopping centre. When you have your […]

Reasons You’re A Backseat Driver

By Lewis Kemp Marketing Trainee “You’re getting too close to the cars!” “You’re driving too fast!” I’m sure we’ve all heard these phrases far too often when driving with friends and family, I certainly have! Today we compile a list of  Reasons You’re A Backseat Driver. While these passing comments and actions seem entirely harmless at the time a new […]