How To Reduce Your Cars Running Costs

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By Lewis Kemp
Marketing Trainee

Buying a car can be a costly affair can keeping your car on the road can be even more expensive. Today we will discuss the main outgoings that come with owning a car and how to keep car running costs as low as possible.

Let’s begin with insurance; in the UK it is illegal to drive without insurance and if caught you could face an unlimited fine along with disqualification from driving. Prices for car insurance can vary depending on different risk factors but there as some things you can do to help keep premiums low for example; keep the vehicle in a secure location, add a more experienced driver to your policy and staying aware of your annual mileage as more miles commonly leads to higher insurance as there is a greater chance of an accident.

Invest in a warranty as this will remove any unnecessary stress if any unexpected repair work is needed as you will be financially covered. Warranties can be paid even in full or spread across monthly payments to assure they will fit into your budget.

Be sure to shop around for fuel, you might not factor this into your lifestyle but saving as little as 5p per liter could net you an average saving of around £100 a year. Pump prices vary throughout the country so it is best to find out which is the cheapest in your town.

Driving efficiently can also save you as much as 15% in fuel, driving smoothly and changing gear at the correct times as well as sticking to the speed limit all factor into your driving efficiency and will lead to big savings.

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