How to Protect Your Parked Car

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By Lewis Kemp
Marketing Trainee

With dark nights fast approaching, cars carry a high risk of being broken into or damaged which can turn out to be very costly! Today we will discuss the best ways to protect your car, whether it is parked outside your home, in a garage or even at a shopping centre.


  • When you have your hands full it is sometimes easier to open your boot remotely as you are walking to your vehicle – this gives thieves a large window of time to access valuables out of your boot and make a run for it. Be sure to only unlock your car when you are at it as this will prevent this risk.

  • Don’t leave your keys lying around, especially if you are in a public place such as a restaurant as this increases the risk of them being taken. It is also important to be security conscious if you have contactless entry as this could be cloned.

  • Hide any valuables before you leave the car or alternatively take them with you. Leaving valuables on show such as a satnav, wallet or mobile phone drastically increases the risk of your car being broken into.

  • When you come home in the evening don’t fall into the habit of leaving your keys on a hook by the door as thieves us a fishing method where the insert a stick with a hook through your letter box and take the keys without you knowing.

  • When parking in a shopping centre or any other place with a large carpark be sure to park next to a vehicle that looks like it is well maintained as there is more chance the owner will not damage your car as it would mean damaging there’s, be careful not to park near to vans packed with rubbish or cars in bad condition.

  • If you are out late at night it is better to pick a parking space which isn’t secluded and is well lit as this will deter thieves and make it safer for you.

  • Don’t leave your car running while you pop into somewhere as it only takes a second for an opportunist to jump into the car and steal it.

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