Top 5 Factors That Influence Car Buyers

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By Lewis Kemp
Marketing Trainee

When we are looking for a new car there are many factors that influence car buyers we need to consider, researchers asked 2000 members of the British Public what they considered to be the most important factor that influences car buyers when purchasing a vehicle and found that; fuel type, road tax and manufacturer are the most important factors. Further to this British car owners tend to own their car for an average of 5 years before they purchase a new one, and when they do they’ll check three vehicles before they make their mind up.

Take a look at what factors make our list:

  • Price – This is a major factor to consider when purchasing a new vehicle as it is vital that we can afford the vehicle, you have to be particularly careful when it comes to financing as the monthly amount might not sound much but could affect your monthly outgoings significantly.
  • Cost of ownership – When purchasing a car it is important to take into account all of the costs such as insurance, tax, fuel, and maintenance as these can all add up on top of what you pay initially.
  • Economy – Miles to the gallon (MPG) plays a vital role as you the higher this number is the less amount of time you will spend refuelling
  • Size of the car – If you have a large family or pet, you will need a big enough vehicle to carry everyone, it is important to consider practicality before purchasing.
  • Transmission – This is important as you may have only passed your test in an automatic which means you are only permitted to drive an automatic whereas if you pass in a manual car then you can drive both.

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