Wet Weather Driving Tips

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By Lewis Kemp
Marketing Trainee

As the winter dawns upon us and the weather seems to get worse and worse it is important to take a few things into consideration when driving in wet weather. Today we will share our top tips on how to keep safe when driving in harsh conditions.

Here are our top tips to keep you safe:

  1. Be sure to check your local weather forecast before you set off so you can plan and adjust your journey. If heavy rain is expected try and waits for it to finish before setting off, if you are unable to delay your journey stick to main roads as these are less likely to be flooded.
  2. Make sure you check your windscreen wipers are working correctly if its rain you’ll definitely need these! Check your lights are working as you will need them to help increase visibility.
  3. Think before you drive through deep water! Drive through it slowly and with caution, once you have safely gotten through be sure to check your breaks as the will need to be dried out.
  4. Keep your distance from other road users as roads will become slippery which will affect your stopping distance, increase you’re following gap by around 4 seconds.
  5. Make sure to keep focused as the spray from other vehicles could reduce your visibility. Bare in mind this will affect other road users.
  6. Avoid cruise control, this increases the chance of losing control of your vehicle in wet conditions, you may need to reduce speed by taking your foot off the accelerator which you cannot do in cruise control.

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What are your thoughts? Got any driving tips? Would this encourage more people to drive in the wet weather? Be sure to head over to social media and let us know@connect_insure on Twitter and@cibltd on Facebook.