Simple Pre MOT Checks to Help Pass

A mechanic in blue overalls looking into the engine of a vehicle.
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By Lewis Kemp
Marketing Trainee

MOT’s can be a scary experience for us all, studies show that carrying out regular checks and basic DIY could prevent 15 million MOT failures every year. Currently, the national MOT failure rate is 39.52% which is very high and could be halved if we all carried out regular checks. As cars become more advanced many motorists are put off by the thought of maintaining their own vehicles. It is often found that a few simple jobs such as; changing light bulbs, replacing windscreen washer fluid and checking tires would prevent failures.

Here is a list of our top simple pre-MOT checks:
  • Headlights and indicators – All of your lights need to be in working order, this includes your headlights, sidelights, indicators, brake lights, and vehicle registration lights.
  • Wheels & Tyres – You should make sure that your tyres are correctly inflated and have at least 1.6mm of tread around the whole tyre. If you are unsure places such as Kwikfit offer a free tyre check currently.
  • Windscreen Wipers – Your cars wipers must use clear water and be able to keep your windscreen clean. It is important to check for any tears in the wiper as this could potentially lead to MOT failure.
  • Screen wash – Even little things such as no screenwash can lead to an MOT failure. Be sure to make sure you have screen wash in your car.
  • Engine Oil – Check your engine oil levels, you can do this by parking on level ground and removing your dipstick wiping it and then putting it back in to make sure your oil level is in between the minimum and maximum markers.
  • Brakes – If your vehicle pulls to one side when you apply the brakes this may require further investigation.  Check for excessive wear of brake pads or pitted brake discs as this could be an indication that your brakes need replacing.
  • Steering – Make sure that if your vehicle has power steering that it is working correctly, also make sure that your steering wheel locks as it should.
  • Exhaust – If your exhaust is making a rattling sound it could be a sign that your system has a hole in it or that your exhaust is coming loose. If you hear any noises coming from this area be sure to check them over before your MOT.
  • Mirrors – The mirrors need to be securely in place, if the mirror is held on then it will not pass the MOT, the glass cannot be cracked either.
  • Horn – Make sure to test your horn as this can also lead to failure.
  • Seatbelts – Check that all of your seatbelts lock in and have no fraying damage. Be sure to test to see if the seatbelt will stop you flying forward in event of an accident.

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