Reasons You’re A Backseat Driver

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By Lewis Kemp
Marketing Trainee

“You’re getting too close to the cars!” “You’re driving too fast!” I’m sure we’ve all heard these phrases far too often when driving with friends and family, I certainly have! Today we compile a list of  Reasons You’re A Backseat Driver.

While these passing comments and actions seem entirely harmless at the time a new survey conducted by injury claim specialists Accident Advice Helpline revealed almost 26% of drivers in the West Midlands have missed a turning due to backseat driver and a further 48% add that backseat driver is the most annoying thing to deal with when in the driver’s seat.

David Carter, spokesman for Accident Advice Helpline, which carried out the research via, said:

“You usually find back-seat drivers are the people who would prefer to be in control of the car, rather than sitting in as a passenger and if you’re someone who drives on a daily basis, it can be really hard to switch off and let someone else take control.”

Here is a list of the top 25 reasons you’re a backseat driver:

  1. Complaining about the driver going too fast.
  2. Flinching as the driver is too close to another vehicle.
  3. Pointing at things as you drive past them.
  4. Interfering with the driver’s music.
  5. Changing the temperature.
  6. Shouting at the Satnav.
  7. Telling the driver which lane to be in.
  8. Beeping the driver’s car horn.
  9. Pressing the imaginary brake pedal.
  10. Insisting on giving the driver directions.
  11. Complaining the driver is going to slow.
  12. Gasping loudly at a slight brake.
  13. Complaining you’re stuck in traffic.
  14. Getting road rage at other drivers.
  15. Thanking other drivers for letting you out.
  16. Reading out road signs as they pass.
  17. Holding your hands over your face.
  18. Closing your eyes frequently when someone else is driving.
  19. Gesticulating at other road users.
  20. Criticising the driver’s decisions.
  21. Pointing out where the driver needs to turn off.
  22. Being impatient at traffic lights.
  23. Disagreeing with the SatNav.
  24. Pointing out the potential hazards that the driver can already see.
  25. Complaining the ride is too bumpy.

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I’m sure we are all guilty of a few of these! Do you know any backseat drivers? Can you think of any more signs to add to the list? Be sure to head over to our social media and let us know what you think!@connect_insure on Twitter and @cibltd on Facebook.