Don’t Forget About Your MOT

In the past 5 years, drivers have racked up an astonishing 424,316 penalties (£35 million of penalties since 2012) for driving without a valid MOT. The Treasury has been raking in MOT penalty revenue at the rate of approximately £7.5million a year. Experts believe it would be a good idea to have a reminder system to notify motorists when an MOT is due as it’s something people easily forget about.

A typical fine for an out of date MOT is a £100 fixed penalty which was increased in the summer of 2013 from £60. However, fines can get more expensive than this if taken to court. Critics say the MOT test is becoming the government’s latest way of making money as ministers could solve the problem overnight by sending out simple paper reminders when someone is due for an MOT. Currently, drivers who are already reminded to tax and insure their cars receive no written warning about the mandatory MOT roadworthiness test. By contrast, motorists are sent paper warnings through the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) to remind them to pay their road tax. Insurance companies such as ourselves will also send reminders to our clients before their insurance runs out with a hope that we can secure another year’s business.

The DVSA shares its MOT data with the police, who in return use ANPR (Automated Number Plate Recognition) cameras to fine motorists with out-of-date MOTs. Motorists are also stopped at the roadside by police as they’re onboard systems flag up any car that is uninsured, untaxed or being used without a valid MOT in place. Money earned from the fines is sent to HM Treasury’s consolidated fund, which the Treasury dubs the ‘Government’s bank account’.

Below is the top ten 10 MOT ticket areas by the police force

Rank Police Force Number Of Tickets 2012-17 Fines(£)
1 West Yorkshire 121,650 £9,866,400
2 Metropolitan Police 64,570 £5,415,920
3 Police Scotland 63,366 £5,594,840
4 Essex 23,626 £1,920,840
5 Merseyside 23,224 £1,941,880
6 Hertfordshire 15,831 £1,237,940
7 Hampshire 10,191 £872,900
8 South Yorkshire 9,756 £824,200
9 Suffolk 8,928 £697,600
10 Northern Ireland 8,928 £697,600

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