I’m Dreaming of a No Claims Christmas

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By Ben Scott
Marketing Manager
When we think of Christmas, we tend to envisage the snow falling enchantingly, presents wrapped up beneath the ambient glow of an elegantly decorated tree, the smell of turkey decorating every room of the house, and of course celebrating festivities with the family. What we overlook however, is that Christmas brings with it the need for heightened awareness and precautions. Recent studies have shown that over Christmas and New Year, claims figures rise somewhat dramatically, and companies nationwide are offering advice on how to minimise the risks for yourself.

Motor Accident Claims

The week leading up to Christmas is often plagued with motor accidents as the weather conditions deteriorate, icy roads become frequent, and more importantly, drivers rush desperately to finish up with their shopping. Leading UK insurer Aviva reports that there is a 25% increase in motor accidents the week leading up to Christmas, whilst Virgin Money Car Insurance advises around a 40% increase in motor claims on the final Saturday before Christmas. The big day itself, Christmas Day, sees a 55% decline in motor claims, and the week between then and New Year is surprisingly the safest of the year for car accidents research has proven.1Also figures from Axa clearly support Aviva, with their own statistics reflecting a concerning 200% increase in single vehicle incidents such as skidding on ice into walls during December.2

Household Claims

More worrying than Motor Accident Claims during the festive periods are household claims. Statistics from recent studies by companies indicate that burglary is unfortunately common during the festive period; Christmas Day and Boxing Day are relatively safe advises Aviva, with a distinct 55% decrease on the big day itself as the thieves also take a break to enjoy the festivities. This doesn’t mean you’re safe on Christmas Day however, although there is a decrease in vehicle accidents and burglary claims, there is a 110% increase in fire claims, often as a result of candles, decoration lights and cooking.1Boxing Day saw a whopping 12% of total claims in December for Sainsbury’s Home Insurance, many for product breakages whilst people let their hair down to celebrate and relax.3 Research provided by specialist home insurance underwriter Hiscox advised that almost 10% of people they surveyed had been burgled during the Christmas period4 and a survey by Abbey Insurance revealed that 16% of homeowners, an overwhelming 7.4 million, will stay in over the period simply through fear of being burgled.5 Statistics prove that New Years Eve is the night where you’re most at risk, with 10yrs of data from Aviva reporting a 20% increase in burglaries when compared to the rest of the Christmas period; nationwide statistics reflect up to 1.1 million break-ins on NYE alone.6 Also New Year’s Eve is another day to ensure you’re fire safe, as there is again a spike in fire claims with a 45% increase, often due to the use of fireworks in celebrations.1 Make sure you are safe this Christmas, keep a note of the above information and protect yourself from being a victim over this festive period. Related Links: 1. Aviva: Apples not Satsumas 2, Insurers Warn Christmas Car Crashes 3. Sainsburys: Boxing Day Sees Most 4. Hiscox Emphasises Home Security At Christmas 5. Abbey: 3/4 Of Brits Worry About NYE Burglary 6. Boxing Day Breakages, NYE Burglaries