Are You Remotely Interested In Drones?

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By Ben Scott
Marketing Manager
Drones are rapidly becoming the latest innovation to hit the mainstream, and Connect Insurance have stepped up to ensure protection is available for those who need it. (And no, we don’t mean we’ve started selling helmets in the event somebody parachutes a small animal onto your head.) Of course, Drone Insurance is not a household term for now with the use of unmanned aircraft’s being a relatively small market still in it’s infancy; however, with recent innovations and an ever increasing potential for their commercial use (see here), we are preparing for the possibility of the Drone market really taking off. We have done all of the research and combined the important information into one location for your viewing. We can shop and compare a panel of drone insurance providers for you if necessary, alternatively you can simply have a poke around our dedicated Drone Insurance website and find out what you need to know. Find out more at: