New Office Mural

A small avatar of a white female with brown hair wearing a purple top.
By Georgina Bailey
Marketing Executive
Over the last few days we have had Andrea in the office who is making the entrance look that little bit prettier! Here at Connect we love that we come from Stoke-On-Trent and take pride in the history that comes with that. We have so many great people that come from the area that I think people forget about such as William Moorcroft, Sir Stanley Matthews and not forgetting Lemmy! One of the most significant icons of Stoke is the bottle kilns, because here we have such a rich and fascinating heritage in regard to the pottery industry. Hence the name The Potteries! Andrea is using a technique whereby she draws the design onto a small canvas, then projects the image onto a larger area where the picture is then hand painted. The focus of the mural will be the Potteries Bottle kilns and the surrounding area typical of the era in which the pottery industry was at it’s peak.


The mural is now almost finished and is looking fantastic! Andrea has done an amazing job and it just makes our office all the more interesting. The mural includes so many great features such as the canal, colliery and of course the bottle kilns. Next time you’re in the area, drop in and see it for yourself whilst we sort out your insurance!