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By Ben Scott
Marketing Manager

Summer Updates

This summer we have rolled out a few new insurance products that might be of interest to you. All of our skilled technicians have many years of combined experience in the UK insurance industry which ensures that our clients get not only the service they expect, but also the service they deserve. We can provide cover for a large range of insurance products to ensure our client’s demands and needs are met, and their expectations exceeded. Below are our new products we’ve introduced over the summer.

Driving Tuition Insurance

If you teach others how to drive as a profession then you are obviously aware of the dangers on the roads, you are constantly at risk of an accident and damaging your car, especially with an inexperienced driver behind the wheel. In the event of a crash you want to ensure that you and your vehicle are covered for any damages. We understand the potential dangers that drivers face daily on the roads and we are excited to introduce a new product for driving tuition insurance. As you’d expect, learner drivers are more likely to crash due to an increasing number of drivers over the past few years and their lack of experience. You want to ensure your belongings are financially covered by your insurance company in the event of a collision. See our Driving Tuition Insurance page for more information, or click here to get a quote!

Cyber Insurance

Lately there isn’t a day that goes by without hearing about a cyber-attack, you always hear about information being stolen from big companies with the hackers demanding a large sum of money to give the data back. A recent example of this is HBO, hackers stole episodes of the series ‘Game Of Thrones’ that hadn’t been officially released to the public, the hackers then used this as blackmail to get what they want (This is often money using Bitcoin, which is a worldwide cryptocurrency). You should never negotiate with hackers as they will see you as a weak target. Here at Connect we offer Cyber Insurance, this will ensure you are covered as a cyber attack can leave companies very vulnerable and out of pocket! If this is something that interests you then click here to come get a quote with us today!

Here at Connect we still pride ourselves on our customer service and finding the most competitive quotations, if you would like to speak to one of our advisors about our insurance services then please get in touch on 01782 200 715 or complete any of our online quote forms please click here.

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