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The latest round of Covid-19 updates have not affected our resilient business operations, and as a result we are still open, still trading, and still secretly wishing we were all furloughed instead watching Netflix programmes about tigers. Alas, the show must continue and we will not let the current situation impact our commitment to servicing our clients. We are working hard to maintain our usual standard of care, our usual response times, and our usual affordability. When the rest of the world is falling apart, we can be one last bastion of stability for you.
We continue to work hard as a critical industry delivering first class customer service and arranging new policies for our customers during these difficult times. Rest assured that based on other countries responses to lockdown measures, even if the precautions ramp up, we will still be forced to come to work and carry on being the Essential Workers that you know and love. Please refer to our revised contact numbers should you need to speak with us during these surreal times.

Easter Bank Holiday
Seasonal holidays wait for nothing, and despite what is happening outside our locked doors, Easter is upon us once more (assuming the Easter Bunny isn’t in quarantine). For most of the country, Easter is a time for chocolate and Bank Holidays are a time for beer; in typical irony, it appears even the sunshine will be sticking around for this one so we hope you can make the most of it whilst staying safe.
Please be aware that as a result of Easter, our offices will be closed from 17:30 on Thursday April 9th until 09:15 on Tuesday April 14th. Our claims line will still be available if you require assistance with any incident, and we will respond to any enquiries once we are back in the office next week.

01782 665544 or the number noted in your Insurers policy book.


Personal & Commercial Insurance:01782 200 775




Via our Live Webchat feature at:


We accept documents sent to us via WhatsApp on 07563 033 070.
Please note we are unable to reply via WhatsApp.

We remain committed to the health and wellbeing of both our customers and employees, and will continue to adapt our business model to work in accordance with the latest available Government advice.
Thank you for your ongoing support during this period of uncertainty.

Stay Safe.

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