GDPR, Skydives and Spring Bank Holiday

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By Ben Scott
Marketing Manager


The most annoying acronym has finally landed; you likely thought LOL and YOLO were bad, but they can scooch over because GDPR has won this unofficial competition hands down.
If you work in any professional environment, operate any sort of business, ever check your email account, or ‘are alive’ for that matter, chances are you’ve heard all about the new data protection regulations that have become enforceable as of today. My own inbox has been like Groundhog Day with the exact same emails flooding in over and over and over. Update your consent. We’ve updated our privacy policy. Sorry to see you go. 

The General Data Protection Regulation replaces the Data Protection Act as the standard for how companies collect, store and process any EU citizens data. We are doing what we can our end to ensure we adhere to the 99 Articles and 11 Chapters worth of rules and regulations that have been dropped on our doorstep, and you can head over to our newly drafted Personal Data Protection Policy to read more about how we handle your data, where we store it and which other companies we sell it to… (that was a joke, we don’t sell your data).

For a good breakdown of the basics and insight into GDPR best practices, consider checking out this guide by VPNgeeks at:

Superhero Skydive

We have written about this previously but the day has finally appeared on the horizon, and for our three staff members who will be undertaking The Superhero Skydive and throwing themselves out of a plane from 10,000ft, it’s almost crunch time. Perhaps that was a poor choice of wording in hindsight… All these GDPR emails are enough to make anyone want to throw themselves out of a plane to be honest.

Tomorrow, on May 26th our three superheroes Matthew HandyDeanna Exon, and Colette Alcock will be heading down to the The Parachute Centre at Tilstockwhere they will be raising money for The Donna Louise to help children, young people and their families across Staffordshire & Cheshire. The team has been independently raising funding through sponsorships, but if you’d be interested in showing some support too, you can head over to their Just Giving page and offer whatever you can toward a fantastic charity.

Spring Bank Holiday

Please be aware that Connect Insurance will be closed for the Spring Bank Holiday on Monday 28th May. Fingers crossed we get plenty of sunshine like the last one, although at the moment we have some menacing looking clouds darkening our skies! Whatever you get up to over the extended weekend we hope you stay safe and have a great one.

We will reopen for business on Tuesday 29th May at 09:15 am.

Have you already had enough of hearing about GDPR? Ever done anything crazy for charity? Got anything cool planned for over the Spring Bank Holiday? Be sure to head over to social media and let us know @connect_insure on Twitter and @cibltd on Facebook.

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