Corporate Re-branding

A small avatar of a white male with blonde hair and beard wearing a white shirt and red tie beneath a blue jacket.
By Ben Scott
Marketing Manager
Sometimes a company brand needs an overhaul to realign it’s image with it’s outlook, and as Connect Insurance looks towards a richer future, we are reflecting this in our new colour scheme and rebranding. The first step in our rebranding is the introduction of our new logo, as we wave a fond farewell to the familiar blue and black that has represented us for a considerable number of years, and usher in the new era with the more vibrant and regal red and yellow of our refreshed corporate branding. Over the coming months Connect will be replacing any antiquated marketing and paperwork, and rolling out our new digital image with new refreshed websites, a stronger social media presence and bigger strides into the modern age. We hope you’ll stay with us through this exciting time of change! We may be changing our branding and evolving, however we will remain true to the same core values that have always provided the backbone to the company. We will still be a traditional family run brokerage, and still provide the standard of customer service and competitive premiums our loyal customers have come to expect.