Christmas Party 2016

A small avatar of a white male with blonde hair and beard wearing a white shirt and red tie beneath a blue jacket.
By Ben Scott
Marketing Manager

On Saturday, Connect Insurance Brokers held their annual Christmas Party at Bon Pan Asian in Hanley. The occasion consisted of us all stuffing our faces with the all you can eat buffet! It was a great night full of laughter and really put us in the Christmas spirit (also we did have a couple of spirits as you can probably tell from the picture!). After getting our fill of the quality cuisine on offer, we all ventured off into town to partake in the nightlife at popular local venues including Rift & Co, and Chicago Rock Cafe.

2016 has been a busy year for Connect as we introduced more insurance products including Drone and Minibus insurance, as well as talking with existing and new insurance companies in order to obtain the best rates for our clients. We boast a very strong panel of insurers for a wide selection of insurance products, and regardless of indigestion from too much Christmas food, we’ll always strive to get you a competitive quote and the best cover available on the market.

Here at Connect we work hard for our clients. We will be remaining open throughout the majority of the Christmas period, with only a few days closed for the festivities; our Christmas Hours will be available online next week.