Christmas Opening Hours, 2018

A wooden tabletop, adorned with festive oddities, with colour stained images and the opening hours imprinted upon it.
A small avatar of a white male with blonde hair and beard wearing a white shirt and red tie beneath a blue jacket.
By Ben Scott
Marketing Manager
Please be aware of hour opening times for the festive period.

Our staff work hard throughout the year to deliver our customers with a first class service. Sometimes it is helping a customer arrange their initial quotation; other times, assisting them with a mid term adjustment. Claims, renewals, cancellations. All of it requires work on our part. And when we are not busy with customers, we’re speaking with companies trying to improve our prices, our cover and our service. The team at Connect take every step to ensure you have a good customer experience. We all deserve a break this year.

Christmas is a time for family and relaxation. We hope all of our customers and partners take the time this year to put their feet up and take a load off. Eat too much turkey. Drink too much wine. Scoff a full box of Quality Street whilst you watch TV under the neon haze of Christmas decorations. We won’t judge you.

At the same time, our team will also be doing the above. The office will be open for a few days over the festive period, but for shorter hours. We find at this time of year, people are not all that interested in getting insurance quotes to be honest. And why should they be? Make sure to get in touch on the days we are open if you have anything urgent that needs addressing over the Christmas week, and make note of the opening hour to ensure we’re here to answer the phone!

Stay safe and have fun.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Connect Insurance.