2 Year Office Anniversary

A small avatar of a white female with brown hair wearing a purple top.
By Georgina Bailey
Marketing Executive

It was the 18th March 2014 when Connect Insurance completed their transition from 66 Stafford Street to Connect House, Foundry Street. It is now the 18th March 2016 and we have been here for a whole two years already! A lot has happened within that period, we have expanded, we have evolved, and we have introduced new products and services to the business.

Within the last year we have established our Minibus Insurance product by further improving our relationships with our panel of specialist insurers in order to get our customers the best rate we possibly can. We have also taken on a brand new product in Drone Insurance, working alongside various insurers so that we can offer this product out to commercial clients.

We also wanted to ensure that our existing products continue improving and are always the most competitive rate that we can offer, so we have taken on new insurers in the last year for both Motor Trade and Taxi to better help us to offer them the best new business quotation and the best renewal price possible.

Connect Insurance in the last 2 years wanted to make sure that they don’t lose the identity of being a friendly high street broker. So we always make sure that no matter how much we grow we will have an open office for customers to pop into and we always make sure that we have standard rate numbers so it is always affordable to contact ourselves. Hopefully in another 2 years we will still be expanding and we will definitely make sure that we offer out the best customer service possible.

This is because at Connect our customers always come first!